Food Blog: A Brunch with a Twist in Manchester with Zouk

When it comes to brunch, the options always seem endless, but the reality is that most places just do the same thing in a slightly different way.

Avocado this, poached eggs that…. You know what I mean.
But if you fancy brunch with a difference and just so happen to be in Manchester, then you might want to check out Zouk.
Tucked away off Oxford Road, you will find a little haven of traditional Indian, Pakistani and grill dishes, all prepared by freshly in the open kitchen.
Having visited Zouk several times before (both for a cooking experience and a general review), I knew to expect a quality dining experience. And I was not disappointed.

Zouk Brunch Menu

The Zouk Brunch Menu has a variety of Savoury Plates, Sandwiches and Desi Classics to choose from. 
Perfect to suit most tastes – especially if you love a little bit of spice to kickstart your day.
A Brunch with a Twist in Manchester with Zouk
I was tempted to try the sheep trotters, but I thought I would play is safe and go for the Zouk version of my all time favourite dish….The Bollywood Benedict. 

Whenever I go out for brunch I tend to opt for Eggs Benedict. I just love the creamy sauce teamed with a perfect poached egg.
The Zouk Bollywood Benedict took the concept of the classic and added a zingy tikka hollandaise sauce with a moreish turkey bacon. Not only that, but the spinach also made it  healthy (or so I’d like to tell myself)
A Brunch with a Twist in Manchester with Zouk
My only criticism is that the turkey bacon could have done with just a little more crunch.
However this didn’t detract from the flavours in the dish itself and I’m still craving the sauce even now.
I can’t wait to go back and eat my way through the rest of the Zouk Brunch Menu.