Beauty Blog: Introducing Farmona

I absolutely love discovering new beauty brands.

Especially when they are super affordable.
And Farmona? It’s definitely super affordable.
For only £2-£4 per product over on Notino, I knew I had to choose some bits and bobs this month to blog about. 

What kind of products do Farmona do?

Everything from haircare to bath stuff, with skincare in-between. 
As a natural cosmetics company based in Poland, each product is natural plant ingredients with loads of choice for all skin and hair types.
Not only that, but the company itself is ethical and produces their products using sustainable development with ingredients from renewable sources.

What Farmona Products Did I Choose?

I went for a mixture of fruity bathing stuff, from the Farmona Tutti Fruitti range, and some haircare products to help liven up my dry, brittle hair.
The Tutti Fruitti range is reminiscent of product scents you’d find in the Body Shop, crossed with the feel of something you’d find in Avon. 
The most expensive thing I found in the Farmona Tutti Fruitti range was the Body Butter for a whopping £3.20.

Farmona Jantar Haircare Range

Since removing my extensions my hair seems to thin and dry. 
Jantar hair products for dry and brittle hair nourish by using the power of amber as the main ingredient. 
Each bottle looks really medicinal, which is a stark contrast to the aforementioned Tutti Fruitti range!
I got the shampoo, foam conditioner and scalp treatment – all to help strengthen my hair and help it to grow a little better now it’s… well, all my own and not half fake! 

So far, so good. The mousse conditioner is a little strange to use at first I must admit and I feel like I’ve been applying too much for fear of not using enough.

I’m also surprised that the conditioner spray for my roots and scalp has managed to make my hair seem a little shinier, without weighing it down or looking greasy. For the price, it’s definitely worth a try if you suffer from a dry/itchy scalp or dry hair in general.

You can get Farmona products shipped straight the the UK from Notino for only £3.99 delivery.

It’s definitely worth trying a few products – especially for the price!