Fashion Blog: Is There Such Thing As a Stylish Cat Lady?

It’s been a while since I bought a completely ironic piece of clothing.

But when I saw this Embroidered Cat Jacket in the Missguided Sale how could I resist?

Reduced from £60 to £26, I just knew it was meant to be.

Luckily, the style of the jacket is actually pretty perfect too.

With soft faux leather and studs up the front, it even has red lining to make it feel a little more classy… Even with the massive cat face on the back.

hello terri lowe blog
missguided cat jacket

I also unintentionally kept with a feline theme through to my footwear.

These leopard print boots when down a storm when I posted them over on Instagram.

They’re so comfortable and every time I wear them people ask where they’re from.

Unfortunately, they’re out of stock now. But keep an eye on to see if they do come back in stock!

If you were considering buying them yourself, that is.

Speaking of comfort, these Jeggings from Simply Be are the most comfortable trousers I own.

Unlike my other jeggings, they have a fly and button at the front, so there’s no jump and jiggle to pull them up – and because of the fastening they actually stay up too. You can have a look at them online here.

The material is super soft, whilst also being thick. They really are a jegging made in heaven, and I absolutely love the criss-cross lace detail up the back of the ankle.

I didn’t realise before, but a lot of the Simply Be range does go down to a 10/12 too. I always assumed in the past that they were just for a plus size audience, but they actually do cater for all sizes nowadays!

hello terri lowe blog
simply be jeggings size 10

A massive thanks to Charl from GingerGirlSays for these pictures by Media City in Manchester!