Food Blog: Fine Dining With Pier Eight at The Lowry

Before Charl and I embarked on our impromptu photoshoot the other night, we visited Pier Eight at The Lowry.

Recently Pier Eight launched a new menu and we went along to give it a whirl.

Overlooking Salford Quays and Media City, we got there at just the right time to watch the sun set and the amazing view light up. That was pretty much what inspired us to take some pictures actually!

Right next to the Lowry Shopping Outlet, it’s not just a great eatery for theatre goers. Set away from the high street chain restaurants in the area, Pier Eight offers traditional English dining with flavoursome twists.

pier eight at the lowry

For my starter I chose the Black Pudding option. I don’t know why Black Pudding always gets such a bad rap because I bloody love it.

The rich flavour of the Black Pudding was a stark contrast to the tangy creme fraiche and pickled celery, but the crispy egg on top pulled the entire dish together.

I could have eaten this dish about 5 times over.

For main, I chose the roast chicken breast with savoy cabbage, roasted parnsip, Boulangère potato and red wine sauce.

At first I was concerned with the lack of sauce on the plate (the true northern in me), but fortunately the chicken was succulent and juicy enough to compensate.

The balance of flavours was perfect, and proved that roasted pasnips aren’t just for Christmas…

And despite the portion sizes at first appearing small, by the end of the main course I was pretty stuffed.

But there’s always room for dessert, right?

I’ve been a big fan of rhubarb since I was a kid. But times have changed since sticking a raw stem of it in a jar a sugar to eat raw.

Whenever I see it prepared properly in a dessert on a menu I have to go for it.

Poached and layered with ginger mascarpone and panna cotta, finished with some crunch from honeycomb is probably a much better way to enjoy it.

And a perfect way to end a meal.

Be sure to check out Charl’s blog for her review coming soon!