Lifestyle Blog: How To Maintain Your ‘Cool Aunt’ Status in Staffordshire

My niece has been around for 3 whole years now.

She’s developed her own little tastes, little quirks, little moods and dare I say – has turned in to an actual little person already.

With a dash of sass, sometimes it feels like she’s 3 going on 13.

As a self titled ‘cool auntie’ I like to find super fun things for us to do whenever I get to spend time with her.

Luckily enough, I stumbled on Pretty Pots Ceramics in Milford, Staffordshire a few weeks ago when Charl was invited.

Unfortunately (for me) I was a mess of a human being on that first visit. So didn’t enjoy it to its full potential.

But I knew I had to go back and I had to take my niece with me.

Why did I have to take her?

Because as soon as I mentioned that I saw unicorns there, her eye lit up.

pretty pots stafford milford

Only a 40 minute drive from where we are situated in Stoke on Trent, Pretty Pots is a cute little haven away from the high street and over hyped competitors.

Bursting with personality from as soon as you enter, the shelves are filled with quirky ceramics ready for you to choose and paint.

Prices start from around £6 for small pieces, up to £25 for larger pieces.

Not only can you paint pretty pots (see what I did there?), but you can also enjoy delicious coffee, scrumptious cakes and tempting afternoon teas.

Both times I have visited, the staff have been preparing for parties, whilst waving others off.

It certainly is the perfect place for a group to pop along to celebrate an occasion or to have a coffee and cake catch up.

The concept is so simple, but really works and the atmosphere is so much more relaxed than other ‘paint your own pot’ style places I’ve visited in the past.

After you’ve chosen your piece from the shelves you have the choice of painting it in acrylic paint to take home on the day, or use glazes that need to be fired.

If you do choose glazes, they are ready in around 5-7 days. Of course, if you are decorating a cup or plate you should go for the glaze option so it’s fully functional. Whereas acrylic is more for display items.

With the acrylic you can go for really vivid colours, metallics and glitters. Perfect for a unicorn.

My sister-in-law is already planning her next visit, so that my niece can create some smaller pieces for grandparents and other family members birthdays as presents!

Which is a really nice and unique idea. Especially when they do such a range of things to choose from.

There are geometric animals, leaf style plates, candle burners and cups. Something for literally everyone.

So did I keep my self titled ‘cool aunt’ status?

I think the smile speaks for itself!