Is It Easy to Move From Blogger to WordPress?

blogger to wordpressIf you’re a reader of my blog, you will notice my new fancy PipDig layout. I’ve now taken the plunge and moved from Blogger to WordPress!

After 7 years or so of running my website on Blogger, it was time to make the jump and move over to the WordPress platform.

The reasons for this were simple:

  • It is incredibly easy to install and edit themes on WordPress (versus blogger)
  • It is better for optimising your blog for SEO purposes by using plug-ins such as Yoast
  • It’s really versatile and easy to use

Why didn’t I move from Blogger to WordPress sooner?

Over the years I’ve become increasingly the opposite of ‘tech savvy’, so the whole migration process really did dumbfound me. Hence why I never made the change sooner!

Also, the fact I’ve had my blog for so long made me a little bit scared that I would lose all my content. Eep!

Is it Easy to move from the Blogger Platform?

With the above in mind, my answer is – Yes!

Well, it is when you use a service such as Blogger2WP.

For $79 they can migrate all of your blog to WordPress, which I must say, is a bargain for the piece of mind!

I mean, look! All my content is here and it’s looking better than ever (*although there’s a little bit of tweeking to do still!)

Can you just move from Blogger to WordPress yourself?

Yeah you can. And it is quite simple (apparently)

Blogger2WP do have simple instructions for doing it yourself if you are brave. So worth taking a look on their website if you want to give it a go.

The team who did mine are so friendly and accommodating that I would fully recommend the service. Especially for that price. And especially when I asked so many silly questions.

If you’re currently on Blogger will you be making the jump?