Food Blog: Brunch at Albert Square Chop House

The Albert Square Chop House in Manchester is somewhere I have wanted to visit for ages.

So obviously, when they invited me down for brunch I said ‘yes’ immediately.

One of the three ‘chop house’ restaurants within Manchester, this is probably the fanciest one. Located in Thomas Worthington’s iconic Memorial Hall, which was built in 1866.

The restaurant itself is beautifully presented. Large leather chairs, top hats for lamp shades and an overall feel which makes you feel like you’re in a Sherlock Holmes set.

Before I even got there I had checked out the menu.

I knew immediately what I wanted – The Famous Corned Beef Hash.

”10 days in the making – to our own secret recipe – served with sautéed potatoes & creamed onions, soft poached egg & crispy dry cured bacon”

Obviously, when you see corned beef, you think of that stuff that comes in the tin.

But what I was actually presented with was a MOUND of beef, which bared no resemblance to our friend from a can.

Packed with flavour, potatoes and with a perfectly poached egg on top, it was delicious. However, the portion size was a little too much for my life to handle at such hours. I would recommend taking a sneaky tupperware box to take the inevitable leftovers home in.  It actually pained me to leave it.

The rest of the breakfast menu is packed with equally as spectacular options.

And being from Stoke on Trent I really should have ordered ‘The Arnold Bennett’ – who is a celebrated author from the city. But, Corned. Beef. Hash. Though.

The breakfast menu at Albert Square Chop House is served daily until 12, with prices starting from £4.

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I was invited by Albert Square Chop House to review the breakfast menu.