Food Blog: The Botanist Media City Manchester

No matter which city I visit The Botanist in, I always find it amazing how they can make any location appear aged. In a good way, of course.

The Botanist at Media City is no different.

Although it is set in a new(ish) building, they have somehow made it feel like a botanical paradise as as soon as you walk through the door.

A door draped in flowers and fauna.

Walls with a rustic feel.

Table lamps that wouldn’t look out of place in a vintage emporium.

The attention to detail is impressive.

I was recently invited to try out their new Spring Menu.

After visiting a few times before, I knew what I was going for though….

The deli board.

Deli boards are my new jam whenever I go somewhere that does them.

They’re the perfect way to try out a few dishes for a reasonable cost.

They’re particularly good if you’re going to a new eatery and unsure what to have.

The Botanist Deli Board costs just over a tenner.

The concept is pretty simple. Just choose 4 dishes from the menu in the deli board section.

They come out on a wooden board with some bread for dipping.

Although I must say, I am disappointed that they’ve changed the bread on the deli boards.

Before you’d get a rather impressive bread roll, that filled the board almost.

This time I appeared to be served what was the end of a small baguette.

But hey, I think I had enough carbs with the mac and cheese and halloumi fries.

It’s not just food that’s the main attraction at The Botanist though….

The cocktail and drinks range is also an impressive list of goodness.

We went for the watering can, with a refreshing gin based cocktail within it.

I mean, is there any better combination than gin, strawberry and cucumber?

It’s literally the perfect summer drink.

Take a look at the full menu from The Botanist at Media City >> here

P.S sorry about the images of the food. Despite being a beautiful eatery, those vintage lights and my camera settings didn’t seem to agree with each other!

I was invited to review the botanist media city in exchange for a blog feature.