Lifestyle Blog: 5 Things I Learnt When Hiking Snowdon

hiking snowdonYesterday was a great day.

The weather was perfect, I got to see a great group of gals, and we managed to conquer Snowdon.

This is the first time I’ve taken on a challenge such as this.

It was a few months ago that Laura asked if I wanted to join her and the gang. I’m on of those people who will half heartedly say yes as the start of an idea, then 9 times out of 10 pull out last minute (I’m awful, I know).

With no preparation and a bit of iff-ing and ah-ing in the run-up, I did it though!


So, with my anti-social tendencies in mind, am I glad I walked Snowdon?

In a word – YES.

I always regret spending sunny days indoors. Talking myself out of activities is a bad habit that I need to get over. And this certainly has encouraged me to be more of a ‘yes’ person in future.

Now the day-after aches have set in and I’ve fully evaluated the experience, I’ve realised that there are a few things I have learnt in the process.

Number 1: Be a YES person more often.

After writing that first bit, it kind of goes without saying that I need to say yes to things more often.

Despite the 2 hours drive each way, 5am start, aches and pains and dehydration headache, I wouldn’t have changed a single thing about the day.

In fact, I’m now planning the next ‘big hill’ to take on.

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Number 2: Don’t forget to drink the 1.5litres of water you took with you.

I should have realised I hadn’t drunk enough water from the distinct lack of peeing I did on the way up. It was a 3 and a half hour hike up Snowdon, so for me not to go the loo once in that space of time is weird.

I’d actually got one of those Camel Bags in my backpack, which was easy enough to access. But I was so concentrated on the walking I simple forgot.

Needless to say I’m still trying to make up for my water levels.

Number 3: We all need a ‘Squat Bot’ in our lives for activities such as this.

I’ve actually know Sarah for around 12 years now. She’s always been one of those most helpful, encouraging and determined people I’ve ever met.

Always full of excellent fitness advice and the perfect coach for us all, she was the glue that held the gang together on this occasion!

Speaking of which, she’s also taking on clients as a personal trainer – so give her a shout if you need a PT in Manchester as she’s that type of sickingly positive person that just brings out the best in every one.

Number 4: Team Work makes the Dream Work

(God, I hate that saying, but…)

Out of our group I only actually knew Laura and Sarah in ‘real life’ – with Rebecca and Kate being internet folk I’d only stalked online occasionally.

Despite not ‘knowing’ each other, we all pulled together to encourage one another and keep the momentum going. No one got left behind. No one felt silly for having to stop.

It’s amazing how people come together when faced with a challenge.

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Number 5: I CAN DO IT.

Yes, the biggest thing I learnt about walking Snowdon is that I can actually do it.

Most people when I told them I was doing it thought I wouldn’t. And as mentioned I did have my doubts.

But is there any greater sense of achievement than posting a picture of yourself at the top so everyone who doubted you can eat their words?

Nah. There’s not.

Thank you so much to Laura for bringing it all together!

If you’d like to donate to Laura’s Just Giving page, you can click here