Travel Blog: 3 Things You Need to Do in Amsterdam

After visiting Amsterdam for the first time in October with Clink Hostels, it didn’t take me long to book another visit back.

Heading back with my friend Becky, we ended up staying in Clink again. It’s just so affordable and such a good location to access all the main attractions, without the price hikes of being in the central locations.

As it was Becky’s first time in Amsterdam, we did some little activities that I did in this blog post, as well as the following 3 places that I thoroughly recommend.

3 things to do in amsterdam

3 Must-See’s in Amsterdam

1: Body Worlds Exhibition

I noticed this the last time I went to Amsterdam and really wanted to go. As we were on a tight schedule, I unfortunately didn’t make it that time.

After seeing the programme from Gunther Von Hagen a few years ago on the TV, I was intrigued by seeing the human bodies in the flesh (or is that a bad use of wording there?).

When you first walk in and see a body on display, you kind of feel disconnected from it. They simply don’t look real.

However, when you see a man’s head. Cut in half. And the skin is still in tact. You have a feeling that I don’t know how to describe.

The Amsterdam Body Worlds exhibition is centred around the theme of Happiness. The individual displays go through the inner workings of emotion and give you an understanding of how certain functions within your body impact your well-being.

It’s certainly a must-see for anyone who has a slight intrigue, as you will kind of feel things you haven’t before.

2: The Sex Museum

You simply cannot go to Amsterdam and not visit the Sex Museum.

I can only liken it to the Hologram Museum in Matlock Bath.

Obviously these two things are completely different in theory. But the dated displays, worn out trinkets and bizarre combination items are just so reminiscent of each other.

For only 5euros to get in and about half an hours worth of lols, it’s just something do with an hilarious twist.

I simply cannot get over the body hair I saw.

banksy moco museum banksy moco museum

3: Moco Museum / Banksy Exhibition

I stumbled upon this by chance, when my friend visited another museum that I simply did not have the attention span for.

The Moco Museum is a quaint little building, that I would have missed if I was walking past quickly.

The Banksy exhibition is a permanent feature of the gallery and brilliant to browse around over 3 floors.

Another feature on display at the moment is the iconic comic book workings of Roy Lichtenstein. Not only do they have an array of his work to explore, but there’s also an impressive 3D room. Which would have been excellent for a little photoshoot if I hadn’t have been alone.

litchenstein moco museum

Have you been to any of these attractions?

Where else would you recommend for someone visiting Amsterdam?