Food Blog: Ibérica in Spinningfields, Manchester

If you’re looking for fresh, Spanish flavours in Manchester then look no further than Ibérica in Spinningfields.

Nestled opposite The Oast House and next door to The Alchemist, Ibérica in Spinningfields is one of those you kind of have to be looking out for to spot. I’ve walked past many times and never actually noticed the bright, welcoming interior. But of course, on this occasion where I was invited down to try their menu out – I couldn’t miss it.

If there’s one thing I love about tapas it’s the opportunity to try as many dishes as possible, without looking like a little piggy.

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve ordered two mains because I couldn’t decide what to go for. Tapas is the answer to a greedy indecisive girls prayers.

Ibérica in Spinningfields is a vibrant Spanish restaurant, with a tapas menu packed full of exciting flavour.

Ibérica in Spinningfields Ibérica in Spinningfields

When you order something from a menu which basically is just a beef tomato, you don’t tend to set your expectations that high really. But let me tell you. The Beef tomato & salmorejo was a taste and texture sensation.

A full beef tomato, stuffed with beetroot granita, berries and lavished in a tangy sauce. I’m a meat lover, don’t get me wrong, but its vegetarian dishes like this that make me think I can potentially be a veggie (for about an hour, anyway).

Speaking of veggie dishes, the warm lentil salad, with the most perfectly poached egg on the top, also got me in the feels.

But lets not concentrate on the meat-free dishes for too long… On to the good stuff.

Ibérica in Spinningfields Ibérica in Spinningfields Ibérica in Spinningfields

Considering I really do love a good artichoke, I don’t get to eat them that often.

At Ibérica they have a deep fried artichoke, stuffed with ham and drenched in a deliciously creamy sherry sauce. Although the flavour of the ham didn’t quite live up to its potential, it will still a very enjoyable dish. Especially the sauce, which of course, I dipped my tiny burgers in to.

Feeling a little bit fruity, I also went for ‘Pulpo’ (for the cute name, its fun to say okay?). This turned out to be grilled octopus with potatoes & pimentón de la Ver.

The crispy parts of the octopus I really did enjoy, but there was just something about the squishy thick part I couldn’t get in to. I can’t put my finger on what, as it didn’t burst with flavour or anything. My brain just doesn’t work right sometimes.

The potatoes were absolutely stunning though. I mean, who knew a tiny bit of mash could pack such a punch?

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Have you tried tapas at Ibérica before? If not, and you’re feeling ultra fancy, I do recommend you give it a go.

I was invited to review Ibérica in Spinningfields  Ibérica for a blog feature.