Food Blog: Independent, Fresh, Healthy Food in Stoke on Trent?

When it comes to eating out in Stoke on Trent, I’m not gonna lie, it can often be piss poor.

As soon as somewhere seems to open, it gets closed down.

As soon as you get excited about somewhere new, they release their menu and it’s a poor man’s Manchester at twice the price.

However, sometimes… Just sometimes, you uncover a gem.

And that gem ends up being a gift that keeps on giving.

RAWR, what is it good for? …Absolutely everything bloody tasty and healthy, that’s what.

I’ve visited Rawr in Hanley many a-time. Especially for brunch. Mainly because they’ve heard of food that isn’t grilled or saturated in grease.

Smoothie bowls galore and some marmite and halloumi on toast when I’m feeling salty; Rawr is a great option when you’re after something a little more wholesome to feed your soul.

And let’s not forget the drinks menu at Rawr.

Since I became a basic bitch obsessed with the idea of a tonic espresso after seeing on Instagram, Rawr was in there. With its iced goodness in all its glory on their drinks list.

They also do a plethora of other liquid excellence too. Beetroot latte, Charcoal latte, Tumeric latte and my all time spicy fave – ‘the flu slayer’…

I mean, even their cocktails are made fresh, with this little number oozing with mushed up strawberries…

In the words of Depeche Mode: I just can’t get enough.

Rawr recently launched a new menu, which obviously I couldn’t wait to get my gob around.

Taking a change from my regular brunch visit, I popped up to have a gander at the new evening menu.

Veggies amongst us will be pleased to know that Rawr’s menu is still predominantly plant based, with the very rare appearance of chicken.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love a bit of meat.

But what I love about Rawr is that you don’t miss the meat.

Like, I’ve never had a smoothie bowl and though it could do with a bit of bacon on. And I’ve never felt that throwing a sausage in my halloumi would make a very positive difference.

This meal was no different. The rich flavours and depth of YUM with ever bite certainly didn’t leave me craving any thing more.

I pimped up my beetroot burger with some feta and my pal added some zingy sauerkraut to their halloumi based stack. Both combinations I can highly recommend.

One thing I was actually surprised about was how quickly the food in the evening was served.

I know that sounds bad, considering I’m already a Rawr fan. But they often make most dishes pretty much from scratch, so on a busy Saturday brunch visit you can wait a little longer than you’d like at times (not all the time though, don’t get me wrong).

As we were having burgers and wedges and full meals, oh my(!), I was expecting a good… half an hour to forty five minute wait? But it was all dished up in around 20minutes.

Which is good because I am always hungry.

I’ll definitely be back to nosh through the rest of their new menu. It’s all perfect for this warmer weather when you want to eat out but don’t want to resort to cheesy chips at the Hungry Horse up the road.

You can peruse the full Rawr Hanley menu online here.

Prices start at around £3.50 for sides, £7 for mains and £2.50 for drinks.

I was invited to review the menu at Rawr.