Beauty Blog: My Facial Skincare Routine

Whenever people realise I’m 32, I’m always greeted with a ‘BUT YOU LOOK SO YOUNG’

Whilst, in many ways, I do look quite young, my skin certainly is not.

I’m more than aware that looking younger with withered skin is just gonna look weird.

With that in mind, I take skincare quite seriously at times.

The areas around my eyes is a big focus. Wearing contact lenses for over 15yrs seems to have helped the area become a little more crinkled than it should be.

For reference, my skin is combination, bordering on dry and can often be spot prone.

I have cupboards full of products. But here are the main ones I tend to reach for.

Daily Skincare Routine:

Cleansing Oil

Cleansing oils are the best for my skin type. They are gentle, remove make up and do not dry my skin out.

I am obsessed with the Bielenda Oil Cleansers, as they are so affordable yet do such a good job. My favourite is the Hyaluronic one, but I’m currently trying out the Rose version from Notino.

Simply smooth over dry skin and rinse with lukewarm water. The oil changes in to a milky consistency and I find they alone remove all traces of my make up.

Hylauronic Acid Based Product

As my skin tends to be quite dry sometimes, I always use a serum which has hylauronic acid in it.

Serums are super lightweight and don’t give me spot (like creamy moisturisers tend to).

If I haven’t got the Hylamide SubQ serum to hand, I’ll use The Ordinary Hylauronic. Both are equally as good!

Eye Cream

I absolutely love KORRES skincare. This black pine eye cream is a definite favourite.

It’s only been launched recently, but it’s one of those products I know I’ll be repurchasing.

It gives an instant ‘tightening’ feel, alongside giving a boost of much-needed moisture to my eye area.

Every Other Day Skincare Products:

Glycolic Acid Exfoliation

I use this every other day just to keep my pores clear and skin feeling fresher. You have to proceed with caution when using any glycolic products through, especially in summer months. I always notice my freckles become more visible and you’re much more prone to burning.

This Glycolic Peeling Mask from The Ordinary is potent shit and if you leave it on longer than 10 minutes you’re gonna pay.

It’s known affectionately online as ‘the blood mask’ – as it kind of look likes blood when it on and stings like a mother f-er.

However, it makes your skin smoothe, soft and supple the next day. Its only about 7 quid too!

Vitamin C Based Products

Speaking of sun protection vitamin C is great for protecting your skin from sun from damage, as it’s a natural antioxidant.

I have to be quite careful with it and not use too much or too often as it can be quite drying, but these little pods from Exuviance are perfect to make sure I don’t over do it.

Gentle Powder Exfoliator

Exfoliator powders originate from Korean beauty brands I think (well, that’s where I first saw them anyway).

They’re really good as you can control the dryness of them and adapt it to your exfoliating needs. More water? More gentle. Less water? Bit of a rougher scrub.

Weekly Rituals:

Exfoliating Mask/Scrub

I have so many face masks, but I tend to go for ones that exfoliate my skin, rather than moisturise, as I feel I get enough moisture from the other potions I use.

They’re great for gently removing dead skin and giving a fresh glow.

This one from Filorga not only acts as a great exfoliating mask, but also bubbles when air hits it AND can be used as a daily gentle scrub. A great all round product.

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