Music Blog: 5 Things from Download Festival 2018

Download Festival 2018

Download 2018, eh, what a blast.

It’s probably the first year I’ve not been dreadfully drunk at a festival as well. Maybe I learnt my lesson at least year’s Bloodstock? I still had a bit of a hangover Saturday despite not drinking *that* much… But hey, at least I managed to enjoy the entire weekend for a change!

Download Festival is always one of the best in the festival calendar. This year, with an awesome line up throughout, made it even better. The atmosphere was one of the best I’ve ever experienced at a UK festival

And it’s not just me that thinks that. Download has just won a Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards for Best Event! 

hello terri lowe download festival 2018

The sun was shining.

The music was ace.

What more could you ask for?

This year they’ve done so much to make it a safe and super fun place for all. Not just with inclusive initiatives such as excellent accessibility and British Sign Language interpreters present, but with all the general site improvements and safer gigs for women projects too.

It really did feel like everyone was on the look out for each other.

Of course, I’ve been to Download a few times before, but here are 5 things I learnt at Download 2018:

It is the cleanest festival I have ever been to.

With the greener initiatives Download Festival adopted this year, I can’t actually believe that even on the Sunday afternoon the floor was just so clear of rubbish!

I mean, I’m the biggest snob when it comes to people lozocking about on the floor at festivals (like, seriously, you wanna sit in piss and discarded giant yorkshire puddings?), but even I was considering popping my butt down on the clean, grassy floor.

It wasn’t just clean in the cleanliness sense either.

I noticed when Marilyn Manson was on, for example, that there was a distinct lack of boob flashing.

Now if you throw it back to a festival around 5-10 years ago, the crowd would be a SEA OF BOOBS. But people tend to keep it a bit less flashy nowadays it seems.

Yes there were one or two, but the lack of certainly showed how times have changed and how there seems to be a greater deal of respect for all around. Also, I suppose bums are *in* a bit more than boobs nowadays and I guess that’s a little harder to flash when watching a band on someone’s shoulders….

Mike Patton has still ‘got it’

Did you hear about that time Mike Patton got really angry? He was DEAD CROSS.

(insert lol)

Dead Cross is actually the name of his latest band, which includes the drummer from Slayer (Dave Lombardo), Justin Pearson (from those noise mungers The Locust) and Mike Crain from Retox. This is probably the closest I’m ever going to get to seeing anything similar to The Dillinger Escape Plan EP Mike Patton did vocals on back in the day. So i’m pretty happy.

The Hives will never get boring…

I must have seen The Hives about 20 times now (okay, slight exaggeration), but each time they always put on a jolly good show.

They’ve even worn the same outfits and the singer has done the same schpeel almost every time I’ve seen them too.

But that doesn’t detract from the way they get EVERYONE watching them in to the show. And you can properly tell that every member of that band is living their bloody best life. They’re great.

Festival food is becoming increasingly ‘affordable’

….Or maybe that I’m just getting old and have more money? Either way, I didn’t actually turn my nose up at a £8 steak sandwich or £4 for chips like I used to do. I remember the first year I went to Leeds festival (back in 2002 admittedly) and we basically lived on breakfast bars and pringles for an entire weekend because we couldn’t afford to eat at the stalls. How times have changed.

Anyway, the amount of food choices you get at festivals now is pretty impressive. Download was really catering for the masses on this occasion, with plenty of vegan and veggie options in between the giant yorkies and cheese burgers.

Five Finger Death Punch have a shit loads of fans there (considering they didn’t even play…)

If I had a quid for every Five Finger Death Punch T Shirt I saw at Download 2018 I’d be Wolf of Wall Street-ing it all over those food stalls even more than I was, I tell thee.

Every where I turned there was a t shirt?! Which is amazing considering that they weren’t even on the line up. Worst bit is that I’ve never actually listened to them, so now I feel like I’m missing out.

Download Festival 2018 Meshuggah Download Festival 2018

There’s already a load of speculation on Social Media for Download 2019 headliner predictions…

My guess?

I’m gonna say Metallica, Pantera and perhaps Five Finger Death Punch. There were so many fans there this year it would be daft not to.