Food Blog: My Top 5 Stoke on Trent Restaurants (so far)

After featuring my Top 5 Manchester Restaurants recently, it’s time to move closer to home with my top Stoke on Trent Restaurants.

As I’ve mentioned before – Stoke isn’t exactly a hot bed of amazing independent eateries. 

But perhaps I’ve just been spoilt with the choice we have in Manchester…

Don’t get me wrong though – we do have some hidden treasures.

So let’s start with my top picks and let’s see what new and exciting places pop up over the coming months!

The Rabbit Hole Tea Room

rabbit hole stoke on trent

Already drumming up a lot of local interest, despite being open for less than six months, The Rabbit Hole Tea Room is already one of my favourite places to eat in Stoke on Trent.

A great selection of tea, a brilliant atmosphere and an impressive afternoon tea menu. 

Read my full review here.

Totally Delicious Trentham Gardens

If you’re familiar with Trentham Gardens, you’ll know that they have a few food places to choose from.

Pieminister, Joes Kitchen to name but two.

But one that stands out is Totally Delicious.

Affordable and delicious (by name, by nature and all that)

Click to read the review.



Berts Newcastle

I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t actually done a *proper* review of Berts in Newcastle yet.

Despite going at least once a month.

Known for their selection of beers in the evening, it is also well known for their amazing options at brunch.

Personal favourite is the stacked pancakes with bacon, eggs and maple syrup. 

The pancakes are proper homemade ones – not warmed up frozen shite like you’d find at a chain restaurant, and the eggs endlessly fluffy with perfectly cooked bacon.

All for about £6. 

Rawr Cafe Bar and Kitchen

stoke on trent restaurants

Another place I will go to at least once a month is Rawr.

It just makes you feel all that better for treating yourself to a meal out, with a range of healthy options on the menu.

My new favourite from the menu is ‘Blue Moon’, which consists of Sourdough toast, blue cheese, red onion and delicious drizzle. 

A taste sensation.

Read one of my previous reviews of their evening menu here.


yu ma mi stoke on trent

The recently revamped and re-opened Chinese hot spot in Trent Vale reached the top 5 due to two things:

Papaya Salad


Steamed Dumplings.

Nowhere else in Stoke on Trent seems to do them, and you can read more about that by clicking here.

Honourary Mention from Across the Boarder: Reubens

reubens congleton

Based in Congleton, just on the boarder of Stoke on Trent, Reubens is a place after my own BBQ heart.

For Sunday lunch especially.

Around £12 gets you Beer Can Chicken, Chips, delicious gravy and a plethora of refillable sides.

It’s value for money and extremely delicious.

I’ve been multiple times and introduced at least three different groups of people to this tasty wonder lunch.

I highly recommend. 

So when it comes to Stoke on Trent Restaurants, there is a choice.

It’s just finding those hidden treasures and shouting about them! 

There are a few more I’ve missed, but I will be sure to feature those at another time.

If you’re a fellow Stokie, where would you recommend?