Lifestyle Blog: Restoring Your Sleep Routine

The past few months have been go-go-go.

Festivals, events, travels, life in general.

It’s all been pretty non-stop.

And I must admit, I’m getting on a bit (before you judge that statement, I’m 32 ok? Despite people always thinking I’m about 25).

On rare days when I’m not at work and have a day at home, I’m usually decorating.

Well, trying to decorate. I’m not very skilled in this area, but practise makes perfect, right?

Sleep has been a massive pain in the ass lately. Especially if I’ve been to a festival.

As mentioned in my Leeds Festival post, the amount of sleep versus the active steps walked, and all the alcohol in between plays havoc with my system.

I’m slowly getting back in to my sleep routine, but with a holiday to Prague coming up this week, as soon as I’ve fixed it, it’s out the window again.

But what can I do?

Well, I’ll tell you….

Restoring Your Sleep Routine in 3 Steps

Actually Wind Down Before Bed

Something I have been incredibly guilty of for years now.

I’ve never really fallen in to the habit of ‘turning my brain off’ before trying to sleep.

But lately I’ve been watching the TV downstairs, instead of my iPad in bed, or sitting on the computer.

I’ve developed a proper evening routine. 

Granted, I still find myself scrolling Instagram at silly o’ clock. But I do notice how that disrupts my night when I do that.

Try and Sleepy Time Tea or Supplements

I’ve been a big fan of night time teas for a while now.

Mixing it up with whichever one is offer at the time, the main infusions you’re looking for generally have chamomile and valerian in. 

Whether it’s a placebo, or a good part of my wind down routine I’m not sure. 

But I do find myself sleeping more soundly.

Neuro Rest from Utmost Me also contains chamomile and ingredients that provide a natural source of Melatonin.

“Our exclusive Melo-Fruit ® Sleep Cycle Support combination provides Natural Sources of Melatonin**which regulates sleep cycles and signals the body that it is time for sleep. [**Pure Melatonin is classed as medicinal in the UK and requires a prescription. Our blend of Montmorency Cherry, Grape Skin and Watermelon extracts contain natural melatonin sources].

The ingredients in our synergistic Mental Wellbeing Blend is shown to Contribute to Normal Psychological Function to help you switch off for a good night’s rest.”

sleep aid pills

I’ve been hearing a lot about melatonin lately actually, so interested to see what these bad boys can do, without the prescription. Apparently it’s a brilliant way to keep nerves at bay and naturally ‘chill you out’. 

According to my dentist I’ve been clenching my teeth in my sleep. As I’m unaware of it, he reckons it’s underlying anxiety. So let’s see if these help with that as well, eh!

Ensure your body temperature is spot on

With the weather being so erratic lately I’m finding it so hard to get *just right*

I’m either way too hot or way too cold right now.

And with cats, it’s very hard to do the stick your feet out of the covers technique.

One way which is perfect for a quick cool off is a facial spray.

Keep it in the fridge in the day and on the bedside table at night. 

I’ve been after The Body Shop facial sprays for a while now and finally invested.

With a lovely creamy coconut scent and calming properties for your skin, it also makes for a great addition for the evening wind down routine. 

With Visiting Prague this week it will be interesting to see how I get on with my routine…

We are in for four days of walking, drinking, food and socialising. 

And I can’t wait. 

What are your steps to getting that perfect nights sleep?