Interior Blog: 5 Ways to Update Your Home on a Budget

Buying a house is all well and good… And kudos if, like me, you managed to scrimp a bit together to get a deposit and get on the property ladder.

Extra kudos if you had some more money put aside for the renovations, decorating and furniture buying as well.

I unfortunately didn’t.

But that’s a small price to pay for being an independant lady and doing it all yourself isn’t it?

Don’ t get me wrong – There are pros to buying your own home. The main one being that those monthly payments that used to go to the landlord, now go in to your pocket (kind of, give or take a ridiculous interest amount on the mortgage).

But the downside is wanting to get a shitload of projects going, with no money to back them.

The main two things I want to upgrade in my house is the boiler and the bathroom. But they’re not urgent things (yet) and will have to wait.

So, for now – how do I make my house more homely without shedding out a tonne of money?

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Here’s a few ways:

A lick of paint.

I’ve found Wickes is the best place for paint. The own brand one is the cheapest I’ve found out of the high street decorating shops. And it’s alright quality. 

My house had awful textured wallpaper everywhere, that is covering badly removed artex. 

I hated the textured wallpaper in my bedroom, and to top it off – it was painted magnolia.

One day on a whim, I nipped to Wickes and bought a dark grey paint. Setting me back £25 for two 5 litre pots. 

I just thought f-it. If I don’t like it after painting over the wallpaper, it’s easier to remove and paint over than painting a dark colour directly on the walls and trying to rectify.

Two days of painting and only one tub of paint later and my bedroom wallpaper actually looks great in the darker shade.

I’m well pleased, when before I thought it would be a proper DIY decorating job which would take weeks.


Shelves and pictures

Alongside the paint, I also put up some simple black picture shelves from Ikea.

They’re slim enough so the cats don’t jump on them and wide enough to pop a few frames and trinkets on.

These are also great if you’re indecisive and don’t want to bang holes in the walls to hang pictures directly.

I’m also using them to store my make up on in my spare room, as they have a lip on the front to stop everything falling on. And because the stuff is on display I’m more likely to use it than I am if it’s stuck in a drawer!

Plants, plants, plants!

This one goes without saying.

Plants are our millennial ‘babies’.

I have a variety of real and artificial plants scattered around. All contributing to making each room a bit more homely on a budget.


Refresh the window dressings!

I don’t know why every house has those office style blinds in the windows nowadays?

They’re not much cheaper than some nice venetian blinds and they don’t really have much… personality to them?

Not to mention the fact that the cats love to DESTROY THEM.

In my living room the window is the biggest element of the room, so it made sense to update the blinds to make the biggest impact for a lower cost. 

I was sent these amazing made to measure wooden blinds from Blinds by Post to really upgrade my living room.

Two things that surprised me about the blinds is the cost and the speed of delivery. 

The size I needed (which was just over 2 metres) only price up at around £150 and they were delivered in a matter of days.

I went for a grey colour which was neutral enough to go with most colours I may decide to decorate the room, but a little less boring than just plain white.

And the best bit? The cats haven’t ran in to them once (yet!).

I love being able to look out of them, without people being able to see in!

Scour Facebook Marketplace for bargains

My last tip is keeping an eye on Facebook marketplace. It’s literally the only reason I use Facebook nowadays…

I picked up a lovely chaise lounge with Laura Ashley print for only £10.

I’ve covered it with some blankets due to the cats to preserve it (little buggers ruin everything).

But it was just what I was after for a small piece of additional seating for my living room.

What tips to you have for making a house more homely on a budget?