The Best Rock Band Merchandise Collaborations

There seems to be a bit of thing with bands being ‘on trend’ at the moment.

From H&M and Primark churning out t-shirt after t shirt with 70s and 80s rock bands on them, to the more high end watch collaborations.

It seems that if it can have a band logo on it, the band logo will be on it.

My personal favourite collaboration so far is obviously the Dr Martens x New Order and Joy Division ranges.

dr martens x joy division

Of course, I chose the Power, Corruption and Lies New Order Docs when I bought mine. The colours and finish were just a little bit different without being too crazy.

It’s also nice that they’re an ‘if you know, you know’ thing. As in, if you know New Order you’ll know the album cover. If not they’re just a lovely floral design.

Raymond Weil x AC/DC

ac/dc watch

I discovered that Raymond Weil do a series a musical collaborations at their #rwlive event in manchester this week, which at first may seem a little strange for a luxury watch company…

However, if you consider the fan base of bands such as AC/DCthey are generally a demographic who are a little older than you first think, with more of a disposable income.

AC/DC for example, were at their prime throughout the 70s and 80s. Gaining more fans to this day.

ACDC watch

The fans who were with them from the start though, would have been in their late teens/early twenties at the time. Which makes them in their 50s/60s now. Meaning: grown up kids, mortgage potentially paid off, less overheads and more disposable income.

So, with that in mind, does £1,700 equal too much for a mega fan to spend on a watch?

Probably not in some circumstances!

It seems like watch and band collaborations are the collab du jour at the moment…

And on the more affordable side of the tracks, Metallica have collaborated with Nixon watches for a series of simple but awesome time pieces.

Taking some of Nixon’s bestsellers and re-skinning their faces with Metallica’s album covers creates some simple yet stylish watches.

I’ve personally got my eye on the Ride the Lightening one…

And it doesn’t stop at watch collaborations…

Vans trainers and skate shoes have done mulitple collections with a plethora of bands.

KISS, Pearl Jam, The Descendants, Slayer, Motorhead… You name it, they’ve done it!

I mean, just take a look at this link!

And finally, let’s talk about my all time favourite musician and clothing collaboration…

Amy Winehouse x Fred Perry has so many pieces that I consistently still scour eBay for.

I have a bowling shirt from the range, which I almost feel is too precious to wear.

But I do, sometimes.

The collaboration still contributes to the Amy Winehouse Foundation, who provide support for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

What’s your favourite rock band x fashion collaboration?