The City That Never Sleeps – New York, New York.

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Photo by Yucel Moran on Unsplash

New York, one of the places on my travel list, which I still haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing.

My friend Charl at Ginger Girl Says has been a few times now, and planning to go back very soon.

It’s made me wonder why I should consider a Holiday to New York.

‘There is no place like it, no place within an atom of its glory, pride and exultancy’

– Walt Whitman

I think I’ve always considered New York as just being a massive city, with nothing else to do apart from some big parks and shopping.

But after a little research it appears that I am very wrong.

Take a look at this interactive map from TravelPlanners for example:

There’s more to this city than meets the eye.

Three Things to do in New York

Discover where your favourite bands hang out.

Interpol, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Strokes, Blondie….

New York is home to some of my all time favourite bands, ever.

If I ever went, I’d make a hit list of the clubs they frequented, how they met and even where they shot their music videos. I’m a bit a music bore like that.

I mean, most of my Prague adventure was centered around that INXS video….

Discover Sports Bars

Okay, I’m hardly the biggest sports fan, but there’s something appealing about all these sports bars you see in films and TV shows.

They seem to be a New York staple for drinking and dining.

And let’s face it, who doesn’t love beer and food under one roof?

Discover some oddities…

After a bit of research I’ve stumbled upon a place called ‘Obscura Antiques and Oddities’

“Obscura is a fantastic and charming store containing an astonishing variety of medical antiques, turn-of-the-century taxidermy.”

It sounds right up my street.

‘New York is the meeting place of the peoples, the only city where you can hardly find a typical American’

Djuna Barnes

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