Travel Blog: 5 Incredible Things You Have To Do In Louisiana

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Whilst New Orleans is the most popular destination in Louisiana and there are many great things to do in the Crescent City,  getting out of the city and exploring other parts of the state can be just as fun. Louisiana is, in fact, a state filled with beautiful scenery, a fascinating history and amazing bustling cities. With that in mind, here is a handy list of five incredible things to do in Louisiana, with only a few of which being in the heart of the state – New Orleans.

Go On A Swamp Tour In The Honey Islands

Louisiana’s famous swamps are home to an abundance of wildlife including alligators, otters, herons, and so much more. Visit this unique landscape and experience the incredible wildlife first hand, taking in everything the protected nature reserve has to offer. There are daily tours available from New Orleans where you’ll learn about the importance of the swamps, find out all about the wildlife and hear about the history of the region.

Visit The Famous Bars On Bourbon Street, New Orleans

If your idea of a good night out is enjoying an array of lively bars, Bourbon Street is definitely the place for you. Home of the famous whiskey based liquor, Southern Comfort, New Orleans is bound to have an exciting nightlife – but the most well-known destination is Bourbon Street.

This famous street is lit by neon lights on each side, has music pouring out of the many bars and is decorated with colourful beads and picturesque balconies.

Visit The Historical Sites Of Ruston

There are a number of exciting things to do in the historical city of Ruston. From fascinating historical sites to amazing cultural attractions, Ruston is definitely not somewhere that should be left off your list. Whether you spend the afternoon at the Louisiana Military Museum or relaxing at R.I Cook Park, it’s the ideal day trip. For a hotel near Ruston Louisiana, you can visit the link here.

Enjoy Mardi Gras In The French Quarter (New Orleans)

The French Quarter in New Orleans’ is the cities oldest and most famous neighborhood. The area is lined with beautiful buildings that date as far back as 300 years, most of which have stunning iron balconies that hover over the bustling sidewalks below them. Both tourists and locals visit this incredible district or fascinating sightseeing, amazing shopping opportunities, incredible dining and lots of different entertainment experiences. During the annual Mardis Gras celebrations, the streets become even more packed as people party.

Visit The Melrose Plantation in Natchitoches

If you want to learn more about the history of Louisiana, visit the Melrose Plantation in Natchitoches. This 1790’s Greek Revival house was first known as the ‘’Yucca Plantation’’ – when it first belonged to Marie Thérèse and Claude Thomas Pierre Metoyer (who were known freed slaves). Since then, many writers and artists have also been guests at Melrose Plantation.

Have you ever been to Louisiana? Let me know if I missed anything off my list in the comment section below!

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