Food Blog: Shoryu Ramen Manchester

Ramen was first introduced to Japan by Chinese immigrants in the late 19th or early 20th century. According to the record of the new Yokohama Ramen Museum, ramen originated in China and made its way over to Japan in 1859.

shoryu ramen manchester

I’ve visited Shoryu Ramen in Manchester a few times before.

I always look forward to going back.

Nestled just off Piccadilly Gardens, it’s a stones throw from the hustle and bustle of the main city centre strip.

Within minutes of entering Shoryu Ramen, the staff bang a small gong and shout the phrase “Irasshaimase!” (いらっしゃいませ!), meaning “Welcome to the store!” or “Come on in!.

Food at Shoyru Ramen Manchester

For my starter I had the pumpkin croquette bao bun.

I spotted this on their limited edition Gudetama Halloween menu. And seeing it on the main menu confirmed that it must have gone down a treat. It certainly makes a change from mushrooms being the only veggie option on a menu anyway….

shoyru ramen

This was a little more filling than expected, but the sauce on it broke up the stodginess of the otherwise quite stodgy little starter here!

For my main course I went for the ol’ classic curry Ramen.

A MASSIVE portion of warming curry based broth, with chicken karaage (battered chicken), egg, seaweed and spring onion throughout.

shoryu ramen manchester

Each time I’ve been to Shoryu Ramen, I’ve never been able to finish the bowl. 

This time I used my brain and actually asked for a take-away pot. And can confirm that it was just as delicious warmed up later on for my evening meal.

What can I say? Shoryu is the gift that keeps on giving.

dessert Shoyru Ramen

Because I was a little more tactical with my mains, this time I managed to enjoy a dessert at Shoryu Ramen…

The most fluffy Sakura & Azuki Chion Cake, served with cherry coulis.

I’m not usually one for desserts, but this one was absolutely amazing. 

Even though it was a sponge cake, it was so fluffy and light. I’ve no idea how they even managed it.

Next time I’m in Manchester I am definitely going to nip in Shoryu Ramen just for this and a coffee! I’m craving it now…

And good news for people who missed the Gudetema Halloween Menu at Shoryu!

They’ve bought back our favourite lazy eggs friend for a Christmas set menu! 

Check out the menu online here.