Weighing Up Your Options When it Comes to Improving Your Smile

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Teeth and oral care seem to be the hot topic here on my blog lately

I’ve touched on the subject of bad breath but what about when bad breath isn’t your only issue and you’re constantly aware of your physical smile

bad breath

For years I was paranoid about my slightly yellow teeth.

And now I’m being really weird about the size of my two front teeth and a slightly smaller teeth next to them.

It certainly is weird what we seem to focus on from one day to the next.

With the shape of my teeth now on my mind after having them cosmetically whitened, I’ve started to consider my options when it comes to making them and more even length.

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The dentist suggested to me two realistic options which were available to me.

Option one was to basically to have a veneer placed on two of the smaller teeth to bring them into line with the longer teeth in my mouth.

The benefits of this is that you are only altering two teeth.

However these veneers would cost around £140 per tooth which means it would cost me close to £300 for this small improvement.

Which in reality I’m not actually sure there’s anybody else really notices as much as I do.

Option two was to have the 4 teeth surrounding the two shorter teeth filed down to make them shorter….

This is obviously a more risky option as you can’t add to the teeth once you have taken away with the filing.

Well obviously you can but as stated above that would be around £140 per tooth and I would potentially be having that done on for teeth if it went wrong.

The benefits of this option was that it was cost-effective, as mentioned. The initial ballpark cost for this was around £60 per tooth.

But actually when you add that up your down looking at £240 to have that done anyway.

So in reality and with a bit of consideration it is probably best to have the veneers.

But am I concentrating too much on something that I will forget about in 2 years time anyway? Probably.

I mean the size of my teeth was never an issue in the past, but suddenly now I have fixed the colour of my teeth I seem to be fascinated with improving them in other ways.

But I guess that’s Human Nature. You always find your faults and then look at ways to improve them even though nobody else has actually noticed them.

So for now I will park the idea of altering the shape on size of my teeth. And if in 2 years time or so I still feel the same way I will look more into your having the cosmetic dental work done.

Would you improve your smile if you have the opportunity or the money to?

For now I will continue to whiten them using my custom tray and polanight that I got from the dentist in the first place.

I am finally really happy with the shade of my teeth and their colour. But when you see celebrities on the TV with a full set of veneers it often makes you feel like a fake smile is the new real smile when in reality nobody does have that perfectly straight line of teeth in a bright white colour.

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post in collaboration with tooth doctor