Ad: Spring Is Almost Here and EOS Lip Balm Is Right There

Advertorial post from EOS

Ah spring. When the snow begins to melt and the harsh winds recede, now is the time when women everywhere start to think about redoing their look. Now is the time to shuck off heavy winter clothing and start afresh. As women everywhere revamp their wardrobes to greet the new season, they carefully consider every single detail. Getting it all in place is a great way to celebrate the brand new season in style. If you are in tune with the season, you’ll want to consider all your options. Everything should be in place from head to toe. One company that understands the need to walk past the dreariness of winter and into a new season is Evolution of Smooth. At EOS, they know that customers want to embrace new colors and bring spring everywhere. This is why they’re there for their many happy and satisfied fans all over the world.

The Right Protection

Fresh and bright is the theme of spring. This is the chance to head outside and get to know the natural world again. When people are outside, they need the right protection. A day in the garden and a walk in the woods call out the season in living color. At the same time, even those gentle winds of spring can be tough on the body. If you’re going to outdoors a lot, you will need to make sure you’re protected. Everyone who spends time outdoors will want to update their existing wardrobe including everything they use to protect themselves from the sun. The sun can be very intense during the spring. Every woman needs to keep her lips in perfect shape for kisses that last and lips that feel great. Having an array of different types of EOS lip balm on hand is the ideal way to avoid problems like chapped lips.

Wonderful New Colors

One of the many joys about the spring season is the joy of color. Switching from drab and dreary winter shades like brown and grey seems and feels just right. This is where many women turn to EOS lip balm. The colors they have are all about the new season. Pastels take center stage here, making it easy to color that matches any outfit. Those who are looking for mint green and soft pink can order lip balms in such shades. Coordinating outfits and accessories is also easy with help from EOS. Everything from the woman’s shoes to her purse and all the interior contents is right there when she needs it no matter where’s headed this warm season. She can whip it right out and have lips that are as lush as spring rain.

Fabulous Flavor

Now is also the time to think about the new flavors of spring. Women everywhere want to each fresh fruit and sample delicious dishes that take full advantage of the new season. As always, those at EOS have stepped up with the flavors of spring. Try delightful vanilla bean that calls to mind freshly baked cookies and pies at the local bakery. It goes on smoothly and fits in well with the season. Another much beloved flavor in spring is that of strawberries. Ripe strawberries burst on the mouth and bring women pleasure. Those who want to duplicate that great flavor in lip balm can pick the strawberry sorbet from Evolution of Smooth. This is a flavor that fits in well with so many other flavors of spring. Putting a terrific EOS lip balm on one’s handbag is a fantastic way to greet the new spring season.

Advertorial post from EOS