Food Blog: My Top Four Restaurants in Cheshire

With Cheshire being just on my doorstep, it’s easy to pop across the boarder and treat myself to some food in one of the many market towns.

The closest Cheshire town to me is Congleton.

Congleton is doing pretty well for eateries at the moment, with a few popping up or being revamped over recent years.

But I also have other towns such as Nantwich, Crewe and Macclesfield within a short drive.

For some reason, Cheshire has a shedload of smokehouse style restaurants. Which is why this post is restricted to four eateries, else I’d be harping on about meat forever…

My Top Cheshire Restaurants

Rueben’s in Congleton, Cheshire

My absolute FAVOURITE for the American Sunday Dinner, Rueben’s also do an impressive food menu, with specials to suit any budget.

Their American Sunday Dinner sets you back just shy of £13 per person and for that you get ALL THE MEAT (Chicken, brisket and pork) alongside bottomless side dishes and lashings of gravy.

On Tuesdays they do two for one meals, meaning that you save a few pretty pennies and can work your way through the menu of burgers, hot dogs, pizza and MEAT.

There’s also an impressive range of cocktails to choose from.

Street in Nantwich, Cheshire

Street is a cute little restaurant in Nantwich that serves a range of cuisine with a small twist.

My personal favourite is the Gigi Burrito Box, that comes ready to take home when you can’t finish the whole meal. A box jam packed full of shredded beef, pulled pork, hot sauce, mexi rice and cheese, it’s what I have pretty much every time I go. Washed down with a Buddha Beer.

They do a good range of seasonal specials and the menu features everything from American classics to Japanese inspired dishes. All the food comes out of a cute little van-turned-kitchen at the back which adds to a bit of uniqueness in the experience.

Hickorys Smokehouse in Gresty Green, Cheshire

Featured before and a new arrival in Cheshire, Hickorys is the new smokehouse in town.

For some reason folk in Cheshire love smoked meat and BBQ goods. Which I’m not complaining about obviously. Hickorys do a heap load of delicious dishes and they have restaurants throughout the county.

They’ve also started to do weekday deals so you can try some of the menu for a bargain price. Thursday is the best day for their BBQ Blow Out deal, where you get more meat than you can shake a stick at for £15.99. This is a brilliant way to try a variety of flavours on the menu without commitment. The ribs are my personal favourite.

The Pointing Dog in Cheadle Hulme

I’m debating whether or not The Pointing Dog in Cheadle Hulme counts as Cheshire or Manchester, but we’ll throw it in anyway.

An impressive size restaurant and bar area, with a perfect outdoor seating environment, The Pointing Dog caters for all. The spacious interior with a range of nooks to accommodate parties is ideal for having a really good evening ‘do’. Whilst the more intimate areas of the restaurant are brilliant for more private occasions.

The menu has a range of dishes on it, from classic steak to more exotic duck based dishes.

Pointing dog cheadle review

Of course, Cheshire is a MASSIVE area to cover, so I’m always looking for new restaurants to add to the list…

Where would you recommend?