Food Blog: Moddershall Oaks – More Than Just a Spa Destination

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Nestled just outside of Stone in Staffordshire, Moddershall Oaks is a retreat that caters for all manner of activities.

From weddings and events, to luxury spa getaways. This countryside retreat welcomes guests to enjoy a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of modern living.

They also recently opened a new wellness retreat area called ‘MADE’, which features gym facilities and healthy living classes and activities.

This certainly breaks away from the traditional essence of a spa retreat, demonstrating why Moddershall Oaks is a destination to be explored in greater depth than the standard spa treatments.

Within the grounds of Moddershall Oaks, there is also the luxury gourmet restaurant.

Catering for all tastes, the restaurant at Moddershall Oaks offers a wide range of options all using locally sourced produce, where possible.

With Afternoon Tea, Tasting Dinners and even Comedy themed evenings all on the menu, any dining experience is accompanied by a lovely lakeside view and cosy evening atmosphere.

“Moddershall Oaks’ award-winning restaurant in Staffordshire is in the heart of the countryside with the most beautiful lakeside view. Combine the freshest organic ingredients with the creativity and enthusiasm of top chefs and you have menus to genuinely excite the taste buds.”

Open to both residents and the public, the restaurants’ new menu includes the very finest locally sourced ingredients, from fresh pasta handmade in-house to grill steaks from grass-fed cattle which is dry aged on-site for a minimum of 45 days, Executive Chef Adrian will ensure the very best dining experience for all guests.

Because I am an awful person and it’s taken me 20 years to produce this blog post (due to my images being below my usual quality! I forgot my camera!), the below menu is a little bit outdated, but showcases some of the culinary delights Moddershall Oaks offers as part of their seasonal menus:

In a nutshell Moddershall Oaks is the perfect location to unwind no matter what your preferred method is. For someone who loves food, the restaurant is ideal, whilst people wanting to be pampered their spa retreat is perfect… and the ones amongst us who like to keep fit as a way to escape general life, their new MADE facility also caters for them.

Gifted meal