Fashion Blog: A Life-Changing Watch Strap

adexe contactless bpay watch strap

When I was offered a watch from Adexe to feature here on my blog, my initial intention was to pop it in a fashion-based post.

But after a few weeks of using it, this little wrist number has come in endlessly handy not just for telling the time.

The bPay contactless straps allow you to top up using a mobile app from Barclays and tap to pay.

You don’t even need a Barclays account to use the bPay strap either.

Using my regular bank account I can just transfer some money on to it and use the watch strap to pay for anything under £30 – just like you would use contactless on your bank card.

adexe contactless bpay watch strap

I’ve found it to be particularly useful when going to the gym. I always forget my purse. Sometimes I get there and see Home Bargains on the same retail park and remember I need toilet roll or something essential.

Another way I have been using it is to budget for lunch at work.

Topping up £10 a week and grabbing whatever reduced delight I find in the Boots meal deal fridge makes for a thrifty way to take the pressure off planning your dinner.

And if there’s nothing reduced I head to B&M to grab a noodle dish of some sort.

Hey, it’s a hard life when it’s the run up to pay day.

The most surprising thing about the bPay strap from Adexe is the price.

I thought such technological wonders would set one back a pretty few pennies.

But £25 is the going rate.

I mean, most real leather straps for watches are around that price anyway.

The only issue is if you want to upgrade your current watch to the bPay strap.

adexe contactless bpay watch strap

They do come in two sizes, but after buying one as a gift for someone we have found that it doesn’t fit their current Fossil watch. The measurement is literally 2mm out!

But hey, another excuse to buy yet another watch huh?

Take a look at the range of Adexe watches online here >>

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