Homeowner Blog: Getting the best Broadband Deal.

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When it comes to broadband deals it’s an ongoing saga for me trying to get a good one.

If you follow me on Twitter you will have no doubt seen my regular ranting to BT.

Unfortunately, I live in an area where I am quite restricted when it comes to the latest and greatest internet connections.

No matter how many times I call, or what complaints I put in, the connection simply never gets better.

So, how do I help myself to not feel as mugged off?

I scour for the latest deals and haggle on the phone with them as much as possible!

How to get the best broadband deals:

Sometimes it is as simple as visiting a well-trusted comparison site. Here you will find a system similar to that of insurance comparison sites, which I’m sure we’ve all used before.

BUT, if like myself you can only go with restricted suppliers my main piece of advice is to call them up.

Honestly. The number of times I’ve been on live chats and social media trying to get an answer and end up going in circles.

Once I was on the live chat for around an hour only to be told that I had to call anyway!

When you’re finally through to them on the phone though you can actually get somewhere. Most of the time. We’ll forget the time they told me that there was an external fault on my property only to call back 3 minutes later to tell me an engineer had been outside my house and found nothing (They lied. No one had been to my house inside, or out!).

Anyway, this time when I rang them I managed to get my bill down from £52.99 for £31.99 and they threw in an upgraded router.

I wouldn’t have got this online from them.

The important thing is to make sure you’re talking to the right department as well. The retainment team are usually the best bet, as it’s their job to try and keep you with BT. This goes for any broadband, phone or TV deal too. If you’re at the end of the contract just ring the retainment team and haggle. I’ve rarely left the phone call without a cheaper price.

Additional tips to finding the best broadband deal:

  • Check whether it is a ‘Limited’ or ‘unlimited’ package.
  • See if you can find a deal for set-up costs. Usually, they will have good deals in place for new customers.
  • Research who has rewards. I ended up getting a £50 voucher thrown in with my latest BT order as they renewed my contract.
  • Check bundle prices if you’re having TV and phones as part of the deal. Consolidating together can save a load of money in the long-run.