Interior Blog: Trying to Keep a Fresh Smelling Home (even with house cats!)

When you have three house cats, with two litter trays and one cat that likes to sneak food and other things under you bed, you can find yourself slightly aware of household smells.

I’ve tried a range of things for helping the smells produced from their little bottoms and beyond. Some have worked well, other not so much so.

Automatic air fresheners scare the living daylights out of them whenever the suddenly spritz the odour.

Plug-in air fresheners tend to not be powerful enough, and I do get concerned about the air being constantly filled with aromas.

The compromise I have found in plug in humidifiers.

I tried a rather cheap donut style one online, that set me back around £2. After a week the plastic appeared to melt on it though.

Blaming it on the poor quality plastic it was made from, I then went to buy this cat one. Which looked a lot sturdier and cost me more at £15!

diffuser amazon

Buying some home scents from Notino to put inside, I found it to be a lot better at pumping out the scents and keeping my house smelling amazing. Two hours an evening and its like the cats litter trays don’t even exist.

The scents chosen are from THD, who do a nice range of refills in generous sized bottles here.

diffuser amazon

The only trouble I have found is that the plastic appears to be melting again!

I’m slightly disgruntled by this so contacting the seller to see if there is a solution.

It’s still working so I will keep it going until it eventually stops. But if anyone does have any recommendations for a fragrance humidifier that doesn’t melt with the fragrances then please do let me know over on Twitter @HelloTerriLowe