7 Great Food Pairings for Gin and Tonic


Gin and tonic is the new favourite for the majority of people – everywhere you go you seem to be presented with a separate specialist gin menu (not that I’m complaining, mind).

However, if you’re anything like me, you won’t know what foods go well with gin because as a society we don’t tend to drink spirits with our meals.

So, if you’re hosting a gin party or just want to enhance the flavours of your evening gins, here are some great food pairing ideas:

1. Fish and Chips

While we often enjoy a refreshing cup of tea with our fish and chips at the seaside, if you are thinking of serving up this treat at a dinner party, gin can work really well with it.


Not only does its refreshing taste contrast that rich batter perfectly but gin also takes on garlic very well, so it’s ideal if you’re dishing up an accompaniment of aioli to go with this dish.

2. Stinky Cheeses

Instead of a wine and cheese night, have you thought about hosting a gin and cheese night instead?

You’ll need a slightly earthy gin like Plymouth or Bathtub gin because these can hold themselves well against even the strongest of cheeses, like Stinking Bishop, for example. You might want to serve this up as a shot, though (with a splash of water if required) to really get maximum impact with the flavours.

Alternatively, for longer drinks in those stunning glasses from the likes of Nisbets, you could opt for a citrusy gin with some goat’s cheese – delicious!

3. Paté

You’ll often see paté served up with juniper berries, so it stands to reason that a gin with a juniper berry base will work wonderfully with your favourite paté.

4. Indian and Chinese Snacks

If you’re wanting to have a buffet rather than a sit-down meal, Indian and Chinese snacks are a must for pairing with gin.

Prawn toast works absolutely brilliantly with G & T, as do veggie spring rolls. This is also the same for those deep-fried, spicy Indian snacks like bhajis and samosas.

5. Cucumber Sandwiches

For a nod back to the elegant olden days and Her Majesty herself, you could serve up some delectable cucumber sandwiches.

As we know, Hendricks gin works beautifully with cucumber, so these types of sandwiches are bound to go down a storm with your favourite tipple. Other sandwiches that will work just as well include smoked salmon, crab and egg sandwiches.

6. Smoked Fish

Talking of smoked salmon, a great variety of smoked fish works well with gin. Again, it’ll work even better with a splash of aioli and lemon – and salmon is always a great winner.

7. Cured Meats

For other more fun buffet ideas, you may want to follow the Spanish influence with tapas-style feasts. Cured meats that are spicy or salty (e.g. chorizo or salami) work brilliantly with gin and they’ll work perfectly with those cheeses, too.

As you can see, there’s great scope when it comes to pairing your gin and tonic with food, whether you’re looking for a posh dinnertime treat or want to enjoy some snacks with the nation’s much-loved beverage.