Food Blog: New Menu at Albatross and Arnold Manchester

press preview evening

Albatross & Arnold is a restaurant located in the buzzing hive that is Spinningfields, Manchester. Paired with The Range – which is a virtual golfing experience, the duo bring a touch of fine country living to the city centre.

The Range is not your average ‘golfing in the city’ location. This is designed for people with a passion for the sport who can’t escape the city as regularly as they would like, but would still want to enjoy the world’s finest golf courses.


The interior design of Albatross & Arnold is stunning for such an unassuming location. Taking away from the concrete jungle outside, the 13ft polished concrete, oak and brass bar and velvet furniture provide a luxurious atmosphere to compliment the dining experience.

Not only that, but they also have a suspended light installation featuring over 1000 lit golf balls. Tying dining area back into The Range next door!

Welcomed at the door with a Kettle One drink, we knew we were set to experience some excellent food and drinks for their press preview night…

albatross and arnold manchester

The new menu has been designed to bring out the best of British flavours. We started with Whitebait which was served super crispy with a garlic aioli dip for a contrast in flavours.

I do enjoy Whitebait (until I think about those little fishies heads!) and it’s refreshing to see it on menus. This Whitebait was more fishy in flavour than ones I’ve previously tried, which obviously you want when eating fish(!).

whitebait albatross and arnold

Overseen by award-winning Executive Chef Consultant, Curtis Stewart, the kitchen team have been busy developing a range of contemporary British small plates using a selection of regional suppliers, catering for a variety of tastes.

We then went on to the main courses, where we chose Monkfish and Lamb. Before I go in to detail, I will tell you now:

The lamb at Albatross & Arnold is the best lamb I have ever had in my entire life.

Succulent, buttery, meaty, juicy. Good god, it was good.

The monkfish was also absolutely delicious. Although possibly the smallest portion of fish I have been served in a restaurant, the flavours were simply divine. Wrapped in a crispy chicken skin, this unassuming white fish was packed with flavours.

monkfish at albatross and arnold

‚ÄúNaturally our aim is to produce consistently outstanding food. Our focus is on creating small, seasonal sharing plates enabling everyone to have the opportunity to explore a range of dishes and flavours, or to order one or two dishes to enjoy individually. We are passionate about supporting other independents and largely use regional suppliers-always of the very best quality. We also ensure that our menu offers a variety of delicious options to suit every requirement.”

– Executive Chef Consultant, Curtis Stewart

cocktails spinningfields

One of the stand-out features of Albatross & Arnold was the cocktail menu.

With twists on classics, you will be sipping flavours you never even realised were possible.

‘From Rusholme with Love’ is a particularly unique number. Creamy and coconuty with a dash of curry syrup.

Yup, curry syrup.

The only thing I can really liken it to is advocaat at christmas. Apart from this was sweety, spicier and much more delicious. Sprinkled with coconut, I could have probably drunk ten. If I wasn’t driving, of course.

There was also a Vimto inspired cocktail that used a Vimto syrup to produce a sweet short using Manchester Three Rivers Gin.

View the full menu online here.


press preview evening