Interior Blog: Updates Your Space with Linen Curtains.

Every time I moved into a new house or apartment, curtains have always been the first thing I’ve tried to sort out. Especially in the bedroom or living room.

Not only do they make a room seem a little more complete, but they also a bit quicker to hang than blinds can be! No faffing around with precise measurements and generally, you can pick some curtains up that are suitable in both size and colour straight from the packet.

linen curtains

Linen curtains are also perfect to retain heat in a room. My living room is terrible for heat retention and it’s often really chilly in there even on summer days! Linen is a brilliant and cost-effective way to ensure that minimum heat escapes through what is usually the biggest window in the house.

Linen is also a natural material and eco-friendly, which is a welcome addition to any household with so many concerns of how man-made materials are impacting the environment.  Linen also becomes softer and more absorbent after each wash, which means that you will see less creasing over time alongside the benefit of them being easy to look after.

Whenever I’ve bought new curtains I also go for the most neutral colours I can. Usually grey. When you first move into a new place I feel like you don’t really know what colours you’re going to go for to decorate until you’re settled. By choosing a neutral shade that goes with everything you can save money in the long run. However, saying that, Linen can be dyed, so if you do opt for that material you can easily change your mind and make them look a completely different colour relatively easily. But saying that, online stores such as Yorkshire Linen already have a fantastic range to choose from.

Curtains are possibly one of the easiest ways to transform any room for a small cost compared to redecorating. Match your cushions and accessories and you can change entire themes by switching up simple elements!

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