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Many homeowners often forget their house isn’t just a place to rest and reside in; it also has perfect opportunities for creativity and play. Even if you’re living in a particularly small abode, there’s plenty of room to be inventive and to reimagine your home. Don’t settle for minor adjustments either – if you have a flare for a complete overhaul, carry it out!

Of course, you don’t even need to carry out the DIY projects yourself, with many millennials today hiring professionals instead. Still, some ideas are undoubtedly better than others. What kind of changes should you make?

Consequently, here’s how you can spruce up your home.

Extra effort

Many people outfit areas like the dining room just to sit down and eat. It’s obvious and fair, but it’s also quite a mundane and generic arrangement to have. While you will need things like chairs and a table, the kind you invest in could have a transformative affect and spruce up your room. For example, Cox & Cox offer a great range of dining room chairs made from wood, linen and leather that could add a unique flare to your own room!

You could also a hang a selection of enticing artwork, feature a display of china plates, or even swap out the table itself too. Perhaps litter your new table with an artsy tablecloth and a variety of quirky coasters and placemats that have intriguing designs too. Put simply, try to ensure the rooms aesthetic goes beyond its rather bland but practical purpose. It’s an extra effort that just requires a few purchases!

Repaint rooms

Nothing shows the age and/or weariness of a home like chipped paint. It shows that the owners aren’t really looking after their home properly, nor particularly care what happens to it. Therefore, sometimes a spruce up in your home can just mean attending to your regular maintenance work; but why not use it as an opportunity to reinvent your colour scheme?

What better, quicker or more obvious way to spruce up your home than a quick repaint?  Depending on the room you’re working on, if it’s small enough you have a quick and easy weekend job on your hands. Just commit and don’t procrastinate, and a new and exciting colour scheme could be popping off your walls!

Wall stencils

If you’d like something a little extra then a quick paint job, then wall stencils might just add that extra bit of nuance you’re craving. You can download wall stencils online and print them, and before long, you could have a range of quirky and colourful designs adorning your walls. This would be a hip bit of design in any room, but your kids would appreciate them the most!

Remember, everyone expects a bit of framed artwork somewhere in a home, or indeed pictures of you and friends and family. Add some variety with wall stencils, and your home will be spruced up with an original level of design. It’s also a cheap and rapid process, so explore it some more!  


There’re many cheap and easy DIY projects that can take place over a weekend. Once you have your inspiration, you can go about sprucing up your home with an array of quirky redesigns and adjustments. Ultimately, with the right level of commitment, homes can be redefined in a couple of days!


guest post


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  1. June 11, 2019 / 6:37 pm

    I must be a millennial because I want my DIY to look professional and perfect – I rather call a professional than getting a poor result, as much DIY as it might be.