Plan the perfect Games Night with giffgaff

contains gifted items

I don’t know if it’s just age or the lack of decent nights out at the moment, but the idea of a games night in is rather appealing of late. Which is why it was particularly delightful that giffgaff approached me to provide everything I’d need for a bangin’ games night in recently.

How to host the perfect games night


Well, obviously you’re going to need the games. Usually, we opt for a good ol’ strategy game to really make an evening of it. But these games GiffGaff sent us are a pretty fun alternative. From Big Potato games, they have a load of fun multiplayer games that provide a lot of entertainment, especially after a few drinks.

games night with giffgaff


The new love of my life, the Amazon Echo Dot, is a brilliant way to provide the whole party with some banging beats. Linking it to my Spotify account, I even made a games theme tune playlist to provide some distractingly fun background music.


No social event is complete without FOOD. And when you’re a little indecisive greedy guts like me, the more people choosing and ordering the better. Then you can nab a mini-buffet off other peoples plates. Curry, chinese, pizza… Who cares as long as it’s available to order in with minimum effort and maximum taste!

games night with giffgaff


Points mean prizes! So keep the competitive streak alive with some bits and bobs to gift out when people win the game. You can create little sweet parcels (for dessert after all that takeaway) or stick to a winners trophy at the end of the night… Or… Maybe even turn it all in to a little bit of a drinking game. A shot a rum counts as a ‘prize’ right?

games night with giffgaff

contains gifted items