Three Alternative Nights Out.

It seems like the days of pre-drinks, heading to town at 11.30pm and dancing until the early hours are a distant memory for my nights out. My friend Becky and I spent many years going out with the focus on just having a silly dance to emo hits. Now we’re all grown up, we like our days/nights out to have a little bit more purpose though.

What adult activities can you do that allow for a few drinks, a shed load of fun and help you to catch up with friends you rarely see how you’re a bit older and wiser?

Three nights out with a difference.

Flight Club

Often misheard as ‘fight club’, make no bones of it that the first rule of flight club is that you can talk about it. Especially when inviting friends to come to experience this social darts occasion with you!

The more the merrier as you hire out an ochre to play a range of darts based games against each other. Games range from really simple ones for us amateurs to more advanced games for the sharp shooters amongst us.

The entire session is interactive, with the ability to take group pictures/boomerangs throughout the experience, alongside individual team shots at the start so you know who’s playing! At the end you also get an email summary of your time at Flight Club that you can share with friends and social media.

Based in Manchester, Birmingham and London, it’s the ideal way to kick start a day of drinking in a major city and we’ve been a few times now! I would definitely recommend going there first, before you have drinks in other places. I mean… darts, throwing… alcohol?

Axe Throwing!

Axe throwing is the ultimate experience to channel your inner Viking. But unlike the Vikings, you’re not going to want to drink a shed load of mead before you start.

Whistlepunks are the original purveyors of the ol’ axe throwing. But there are a range of others cropping up around the UK now!

The concept is simple enough. A little less advanced than flight club, this kicks it old school and you literally throw the axes at a target whilst keeping score.


I’ve mentioned many-a-time how Bingo is a really good alternative night out and I still stand by that fact!

Probably the less adventurous of the selection, you can get cheap food, cheap drink and there’s a chance of winning some money back. I can definitely think of worse ways to spend a night out.

You can read my bingo blog post here for more information though.

What alternative ideas do you have for a night out?