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Collaboration with The Royal Mint

We’ve all been there...

We read an article about a 20p coin being worth 20billion quid because they didn’t put a date on it. We immediately crack open our purse/money jar/sofa cushions to manically check to see if we have one.

Do we ever strike lucky?

Nope. Not once.

And the one time I did with the Kew Garden 50p coin, we accidentally spend it on a pasty from Greggs.

…And I’ve just rubbed salt in my wound further by seeing that one is going for £189 on eBay at the moment.

are your coins worth anything

Now I’m a little more careful with my coins that may hold future value and keep them in a separate pot to my general loose change. Some of these are worth something now. Some I’m hoping will be a bit more sought after in the future because they’re just really nice designs.

How do you find out how much your coins are worth?

The Royal Mint has a wealth of information about coins on their website. Including beginners guides to collecting and new releases of designs. Their beginners guide to coin collecting provides an easy to digest run down of aspects to look for.

“A sought-after design could drop right into your lap. There are plenty of coin designs with limited mintages in circulation at the moment, so be careful to check your change for anything unusual before you spend it.”

When I’m putting coins to one side I generally just look at the design of them and if it’s interesting I’ll google it.

Nine times out of ten they come up on eBay at a ridiculously inflated price.

But for every one of those there are 5 other listings where people are only biddng a few quid. My general rule is ‘if it’s pretty, just save it!’ and I’ll hope it increases in value later.

If in complete doubt, there are resources online such as change checker.

The Royal Mint Coin Collections

I’m sure we’ve all got excited when seeing the Dinosaur design 50p coins that were covered in the media. And equally a few people were a little less excited about the Brexit 50p coin that recently came out too…

These are all collections produced by The Royal Mint.

queen coin

But did you know that the Royal Mint also have collections based on films, musicians and even your favourite childhood characters?

Recently I was gifted one of their coins from their Queen Coin Collection. Not the queen you’re used to seeing on your currency, but the band fronted by legend Freddie Mercury.

In the collection, The Royal Mint pays tribute to the band whose attitude, sound and look came to define British rock music as we know it today.

The Royal Mint is the world’s leading export mint, making coins and medals for an average of 60 countries every year. However, its first responsibility is to make and distribute United Kingdom coins as well as to supply blanks and official medals.

queen coin the royal mint

Explore The Royal Mint Collection and find out more about their coins online here.


Collaboration with The Royal Mint